Vaclav Klaus, entrevista: "el planeta es azul, no verde"

Ayer, el Presidente checo Vaclav Klaus presentaba en Praga su último libro “A blue, not green, planet”. Fuera, en la calle, se manifestaban los chicos de Greenpeace imtentando boicotear el acto. No me extraña que intenten tapar la boca (tan demócratas ellos) a quien dice verdades tan contundentes como las que podemos encontrar en la entrevista concedida con motivo de la prentación literaria:

Could you please tell our readers who obviously haven’t yet read your book why you wrote it?

Because I am very worried about some people’s far-reaching attempts to reconstruct the world and revolutionize the behavior of the society. These people use some highly questionable data and hypotheses to deduce what is happening today and what will be happening in the world. And I view it as a threat for freedom. It is not a marginal topic for me. It is not just my wilful act or an attempt to penetrate into media with a novel opinion.

In your book, you distinguish between ideological environmentalists and scientific ecologists. Which people in Czechia belong to these categories?

Environmentalism is a general tendency, a conglomerate of opinions, which is why it is so difficult to identify it with one person.

If we compare it to Marxism, we see that Marx was transparent as he has summarized his ideas in his key manuscripts. A great opus by an author who would describe the theses of environmentalism at the highest level of consequentiality doesn’t exist. I don’t see such a readable enemy at the ideological level. Of course that I have my enemies on the media-political level. In the global context it is undoubtedly Al Gore; in the Czech context it is the Green Party that is currently represented by its chairman.

It thus seems that the «green movement» is a spontaneous direction, isn’t it?

On one hand, it is spontaneous: there surely exists no grand network that would connect all these people into one Internet server. On the other hand, it is a community of people who are connected by their membership in various institutions where they communicate with each other and organize things.


Pueden leerla entera en The Reference Frame. Yo llego a ella vía Die Achse des Guten .

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